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Advanced Diagnostics Software

Silca Key Programs is a software platform specifically designed for key cutting machines and transponder devices. Silca Key Programs boasts one of the largest databases in the key trade, for both quality and quantity of information; the database is updated daily so that it can offer, in every corner of the world, the very best to people seeking information about any type of key.
Silca Key Programs uses its numerous functions to fully exploit the potential of Silca electronic key cutting machines and devices, facilitate the key cutting process and ensure visibility of all the options developed by Silca, such as cutting tools, clamps and optional adapters.

Silca Key Programs consists of several modules. Below you will find more information related to Silca Transponder Program, the module dedicated to RW4 Plus and Fast Copy Plus.

Silca Transponder Program

Silca Transponder Program is a computer based collection of transponder keys distributed by Silca. It provides information for making a valid copy of an electronic key. When it is not possible to make a copy, instructions are given for adding a new key to the immobilizer unit on a selected vehicle.
The devices run are: RW4 Plus and Fast Copy Plus.


  • Electronic code generation.
  • Manual entry of an electronic code.
  • Initialization of blank transponders not pre-coded.
  • Customization of the list by selecting columns.
  • Software and document updates for RW devices, downloadable through the internet via Silca Remote Service.
  • Saving the electronic code in the customer historic archive.

Advanced Diagnostics Software


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